10 Creepy Facts About Stephen King’s ‘It’

You surely remember Pennywise, the demonic clown that appeared on screen to terrorize us many years ago, well, it´s back and it´s sure to terrorize a whole new generation of youngsters that will remember the extraordinary portrayal of the killer clown for years to come. What not a lot of people know is that the character and the two versions of the movie. The original one  was released 27 years ago and is streaming on Movie Box for iOS 11 and the new version that was released this year, originally come from Stephen King´s novel “IT” that is filled with a lot of creepy details and interesting background information around the story that is portrayed in the film

Here are 10 creepy facts about Stephen King’s ‘It’

1. The original inspiration for the IT character comes from John Wayne Gacy, known as Pogo the Clown who was charged with the kidnap, torture, and murder of 33 teenage boys between 1972 and 1978. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection and died in 1994. Stephen King took Pogo´s image as a serial
killer clown to shape his iconic and terrifying killer clown.

2. When we think about “IT” we think immediately about Pennywise, the clown. What we usually don´t notice is that IT is actually a being from outer space that has no definite shape (and that would explain the shape-shifting properties we can see during the film and that he uses to embody the worst fears of those he wants as victims). It could even be a giant spider that suspends his victims on spider webs (from this fact comes to the “we all float down here” statement).

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3. The number 27. The new movie took 27 years to be premiered after the TV adaptation of 1990, this is explained because in the book it´s mentioned that “IT” comes to Derry (the town where everything takes place) approximately every 27 years.

4. Another on with number 27. Jonathan Brandis, who played young Bill on the original television series from 1990, killed himself when he was 27 years old.

5. The filming began on June 27th of 2016 and ended on September 20th of the same year. That was a day before Stephen King´s birthday who invited us to the movie premiere with the promise of making us float too.

6. The wardrobe of the killer clown was, in this movie, much more terrifying, childish and fashionable. The designer was Janie Bryant and she was inspired by the Medieval and Renaissance style with a little bit of a Victorian touch to give “IT” a new version without taking away the childish touch that is the one that is appealing to little kids, “IT”´s favorite meal.

7. Stephen King watched the movie 6 months before the official release date. The author, known because of being extremely demanding and critical when it comes to the adaptations of his works, said that the film surpassed his expectations and praised the work of the producers.

8. Bill Skarsgård has admitted that he had a series of nightmares during filming because he felt “submerged” in the evil character he was portraying.

9. Some scenes from the book were not portrayed in the film because of their sexual and extremely violent content. Stephen King agreed with this decision.

10. The first sequence between Georgie and IT is equally terrifying and brutal as you can read in the book, the difference is that in the book, the body of the late Georgie ends up being found and this doesn´t happen in the movie, which keeps up the hope of his brother of the possibility of finding him alive until the end of the movie. Besides, in the book, Georgie is more surprised than scared when he sees the clown for the first time since he presents himself a lot more friendly than in the film.

And well, there you have it, the creepy and amazing factors that can actually make “IT”, the movie, a lot creepier than we thought it already was. Of course, go and see the movie and find the original one (don´t miss Tim Curry as “IT”, he is really amazing), but try to read the book as well to get to those parts we didn´t get the chance to see in the movie.

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