About us

                   ROSBALT NEWS AGENCY

Rosbalt is a Russian federal news agency, the largest in the Russian Northwest. Through a large network of its exclusive reporters, Rosbalt collects information, primarily in European Russia and Northern European countries, aiming at creating a unified informational environment in these territories.

Addressed to Western readers, the English-language version of its website, RosbaltNews.Com, relates the most interesting events in the political, economic, social and cultural life of Russia and its Northwestern region and the details of Russia’s cooperation with its closest western neighbors, that is, Baltic and Scandinavian countries, Germany, and Poland. It also offers the analyses of the most important international events as seen through the eyes of a Russian observer.

Our address is:

Rosbalt News Agency,
7 Konnogvardeisky Boulevard,
St. Petersburg, 190000 Russia
Telephone: 7 (812) 320-50-30,
Fax: 7 (812) 320-50-31