Best 5 Trending Apps for Streaming Movies and TV shows on Android

Have you been searching for apps that can get you entertaining content for free on a on mobile phone? Are you checking the web to find an application that gets you access to free movies and TV shows within a few minutes? If the answers are a “Yes”, then let us introduce you to the best 5 trending apps for streaming movies and TV shows on Android. These apps are the best in the market and can help you get entertainment on the go anytime and anywhere. We are sure you are excited and therefore, let’s find out these swish apps.


The ShowBox app is currently the best trending tool available online for getting quick access to TV shows and movies of your choice. You will get access to a huge pool of entertaining content and the app boasts of a huge user base. The app is completely free and you can download ShowBox APK from its official website. Once this app occupies a room in your device, you can be assured of unending stream of amazing content that can help you make the best use of your idle time. You don’t need to worry about missing shows at home since the shows will wait for your free time.


This is another app that works seamlessly on Android and gets you access to popular entertainment content online. This app can work in all kinds of operating systems and also supports streaming on video game consoles. Your joy will not be restricted only to streaming movies, but you will also be able to share your suggestions for the best movies through social media. Thee feature comes integrated in the app. The categorization of movies into intuitive buckets makes the use of app even more delightful and fulfilling for the users of the app.

Terrarium TV app

Talk of apps that can give you access to HD movies and those which can clear the gap between TV experience and mobile experience, Terrarium TV app will appear on the top. Moreover, if you find it difficult to follow the dialogues in a movie or in a TV show because of issues with the accent of a language, then this app will help you with subtitles too. This helps the non-native speakers of English to derive the maximum pleasure out of this app. However, your device’s VPN has to be installed for this app to work for you.


If you want to go beyond the usual TV shows and movies, and also want access to amazing music, viral videos and sports videos, then you need to get Kodi. Get the right add-on of Kodi and things must get sorted for you regarding the entertainment part. The app is totally free and can get you the very best of content on your mobile phone. Not a single penny needs to be spent for getting access to content that you want to enjoy. The installation process is a bit time consuming. However, once installed the app can become your best friend soon.


Get ready to avail the Chromecast functionality and get movies categorized by year, country of production and genre. The app, Videomix, is certainly one of the best apps you can get for your Android phone. It gives seamless access to the best of entertaining content for your good times and can help you have a blast at your home with friends with your favorite movies steaming in the party night.

These apps are the best trending ones for streaming TV shows and movies online on Android. Get them right away and open the doors to unlimited entertainment.