The Flash Season 3 Finale Review: Finish Line

In this season, the leading protagonist Barry Allen sacrifices himself to protect the city and family by fighting Savitar. In the Finish line, some of the most critical gaffes and successes are explicitly captured.

Moreover, the finale reveals the ultimate fate of Iris West, and a spectacular stage is set for subsequent seasons.

The recap: Finish Line

Barry Allen is forced to go through various emotional states as he is obligated to fight Savitar one last time. Barry also discovers that Cisco’s brother is now deceased and that metahumans are starting to pop up everywhere. Barry also integrates Julian (who he freed from Savitar’s control) into the Flash Team.

Flash’s Finish Line reveals that indeed Savitar did not murder Iris West, but HR is dead. The team had embarked on knowing the exact fate of Iris leading to this discovery.

The team is also determined to know the exact identity of Savitar and to prevent related misfortunes. However, the team’s primary objective is to save Iris who is ultimately perceived to have been killed by the God of Speed.

The news of Iris survival is a bad one for Cisco because Savitar will want him to fix the Speed force bazooka. As such, Team Flash convenes a meeting strategize on how they can counter the impact of Savitar.

One of the best news from this season is that Julian Albert has developed a cure for Caitlin.

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Nevertheless, Barry’s poor judgment and increased readiness to persistently mess around is very prominent in this final season. For instance, Barry is seen to be taking a friendly approach to the Savitar’s problem giving the viewers a tinge of false hope that the problem can be solved amicably.

However, Barry’s friendly approach has a catastrophic end because Savitar returns to Killer Frost and blows up STAR Labs. Barry is then forced to seek the Team’s support during his showdown with the Savitar.

In this particular season, Barry’s actions compared to others’, are so disappointing especially with his numerous disarrays, and this puts the team and family in danger. For instance, he is seen to be sacrificing the Team and family with his decision to go into Speed Force. Barry gave a passionate and inspirational farewell, and the fans can only hope that he will come back more rejuvenated and understanding.

Final views

Undeniably, the Finish Line is bizarrely structured with so many fits and starts when compared to other seasons, and this makes the viewers have so many speculations. The viewers are forced to formulate so many different theories following the escape of the villain. An interesting question remains to be whether the team will try and bring Barry back.

The unexpected heartbreak of Iris and whether Wally is going to become the Flash are some of the pulsating questions in this episode. The Flash’s Season 3 finale had some notable flaws that included a perplexing lack of attention on Wally among other organizational eccentricities.

However, Barry’s long journey to freedom is made easy by Team Flash who is very committed to the course. Season 4 id is going to be a little bit happier although the viewers are left speculating on who will wear the Flash costume next!

The Flash Season 2 Review: A Solid Season

Following one of the finest seasons of a novel series, The Flash had a great deal of hype to live up toward following its astral freshman season. One of the maximum challenging features of TV tends to derive in that second season, wherever there’s the stress of success from that first season together with wanting to not merely match that season’s achievement but surpass it.

While The Flash remnants one of TV’s best dramas, it was not able to induce the magic from that first season. However, that was continually going to be an incredible task. The thing that prepared The Flash’s freshman season a stand out was its brightness and how we didn’t know fairly what to anticipate from it, which made those hurting cliffhangers midseason package even more punch. We did not know just how huge this world would convert.

The Flash continued one of TV’s best shows particularly when it derived from arcs similar Earth-2, which appeared to throw it to a new level. However, The Flash is at its finest when it’s beating home those emotive storylines, which comprise Barry’s relationship, the West family dynamic, plus Barry’s emotional voyage. Earnestly, every time Barry screams, we all cry.

However, it certainly was not without its mistakes, which comprised a general incapability to let Barry develop as a character through this second season. Whereas the visual effects continued mind-blowing as well as the comic plots intriguing, someplace alongside the way The Flash overlooked that its hero required to grow this season. Barry failed toward learning an important moral from this season, which is whatever leads us to wherever season three would pick up.

However The Flash’s second season diminished in contrast to its astonishing, near-perfect freshman season, this was still a solid season all around. Whereas The Flash thrashed at times with its own story, it appeared to find itself in season two by the outline of Earth-2, which released up to a world of prospect and plotting. The Flash has so much plot at its removal with so much we have yet toward see in this Arrowverse, which has continually given it a verge. We got to research more profound into the portrayals of Barry/Iris, Cisco, in addition to the West family as an entire, which was a pleasant treat. The Flash set up a fascinating villain arc by Zoom, which worked up till he was exposed toward be Jay Garrick (apologetic, Hunter Zoloman), as well as he lost that dread edge.

The Flash has continually been recognized for its cliffhangers plus shockers that leave its spectators gasping for additional, however in a way it felt similar it was trusting too much on that while occasionally all it required to be was itself. However more than anything one of the difficulties with season two was Barry’s complete characterization, which displayed us a flawed hero, yes, however one that did not learn anything through the course of the whole season. But in spite of its errors, The Flash remnants one of TV’s greatest shows with its excellent visual effect, writing staff, plus an inspiring cast of artists. Season two may not have lived it to the general hype, however, it didn’t precisely disappoint.

The Flash season 2 was as worthy otherwise even better than the first. The show persistent to build on the remarkable chemistry amongst its stars as well as mine Barry Allen’s roller coaster lifetime for all its worth.

The Flash Season 1 TV Show Review

The Flash’, an American action television series by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, started on October 7, 2014, until May 19, 2015, with 23 episodes. From the creators of Arrow, based on DC Comics. With the main actor Grant Gustin – Barry Allen/Flash, a superhero, the fastest man alive. Know by the name of Flash. Barry spent his whole life looking for the impossible without imagining that he will become the impossible! A shocking explosion took place and Barry gets struck by lightning whereby many lives are also lost on the same night. Barry awakens after 9 months of coma as a totally new man with unimaginable powers. Flash goes so fast that everything else seems to be motionless. Barry also established the existence and shifting of parallel universe which makes the series even more alluring.

It all started when Barry Allen’s mum Nora Allen gets killed when the boy was only 11 years old. The murder was quite striking. Nora was hit by a ball of lightning and a man appeared to be inside the lightning. A strange and inexplicable murder where his father was the one to be condemned. With this incident, Barry Allen’s life completely changed overnight. After the tragedy, his father’s best friend Detective Joe West took the responsibility of the young boy. Barry became a determined young boy whose main aim was to uncover the truth about the murder of his mother and unveiling the truth to free the name of his father Iris. This whole investigation takes Barry on a different path which involves a scientific exploration and innovation. Another change came around for Barry when due to an explosion he gets struck by lightning, waking up 9 months later with astonishing powers. The fastest man alive. The unimaginable then followed! Barry took the name of ‘The Flash’ and started protecting the innocent. He then makes a discovery that there are more meta-humans who are using their powers for the wrong reasons.

A series full of excitement where Barry Allen/Flash keeps his audience and fans eager and enticed. The series is also superb in terms of the modern technology and science. The producers and actors made a big bang from the first season where it started with a sturdy start. Being introduced in Arrow second season, the debut of Barry Allen in ‘The Flash’ made it a smooth introduction and did not take much time to get great visibility and huge audience and fans of ‘The Flash’. Apart from Barry being a pleasant character the whole team close to his core also was a great support to create a big audience.

The final episode of Season 1 left its watchers and fans to come up with their own concepts and expectations. ‘The Flash’ Season 1 got the attention of many from comic book enthusiasts, action movie lovers, science and modern technology followers or simply general fans of ‘The Flash’ or let’s say of ‘Arrow’ with Barry Allen being already introduced in the Flash second season. A great superhero show that gained 97% by Tomatometer and an audience score of 89%. Absolutely a great score and a big applause for the producers and actors of ‘The Flash’.

10 Creepy Facts About Stephen King’s ‘It’

You surely remember Pennywise, the demonic clown that appeared on screen to terrorize us many years ago, well, it´s back and it´s sure to terrorize a whole new generation of youngsters that will remember the extraordinary portrayal of the killer clown for years to come. What not a lot of people know is that the character and the two versions of the movie. The original one  was released 27 years ago and is streaming on Movie Box for iOS 11 and the new version that was released this year, originally come from Stephen King´s novel “IT” that is filled with a lot of creepy details and interesting background information around the story that is portrayed in the film

Here are 10 creepy facts about Stephen King’s ‘It’

1. The original inspiration for the IT character comes from John Wayne Gacy, known as Pogo the Clown who was charged with the kidnap, torture, and murder of 33 teenage boys between 1972 and 1978. He was sentenced to death by lethal injection and died in 1994. Stephen King took Pogo´s image as a serial
killer clown to shape his iconic and terrifying killer clown.

2. When we think about “IT” we think immediately about Pennywise, the clown. What we usually don´t notice is that IT is actually a being from outer space that has no definite shape (and that would explain the shape-shifting properties we can see during the film and that he uses to embody the worst fears of those he wants as victims). It could even be a giant spider that suspends his victims on spider webs (from this fact comes to the “we all float down here” statement).

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3. The number 27. The new movie took 27 years to be premiered after the TV adaptation of 1990, this is explained because in the book it´s mentioned that “IT” comes to Derry (the town where everything takes place) approximately every 27 years.

4. Another on with number 27. Jonathan Brandis, who played young Bill on the original television series from 1990, killed himself when he was 27 years old.

5. The filming began on June 27th of 2016 and ended on September 20th of the same year. That was a day before Stephen King´s birthday who invited us to the movie premiere with the promise of making us float too.

6. The wardrobe of the killer clown was, in this movie, much more terrifying, childish and fashionable. The designer was Janie Bryant and she was inspired by the Medieval and Renaissance style with a little bit of a Victorian touch to give “IT” a new version without taking away the childish touch that is the one that is appealing to little kids, “IT”´s favorite meal.

7. Stephen King watched the movie 6 months before the official release date. The author, known because of being extremely demanding and critical when it comes to the adaptations of his works, said that the film surpassed his expectations and praised the work of the producers.

8. Bill Skarsgård has admitted that he had a series of nightmares during filming because he felt “submerged” in the evil character he was portraying.

9. Some scenes from the book were not portrayed in the film because of their sexual and extremely violent content. Stephen King agreed with this decision.

10. The first sequence between Georgie and IT is equally terrifying and brutal as you can read in the book, the difference is that in the book, the body of the late Georgie ends up being found and this doesn´t happen in the movie, which keeps up the hope of his brother of the possibility of finding him alive until the end of the movie. Besides, in the book, Georgie is more surprised than scared when he sees the clown for the first time since he presents himself a lot more friendly than in the film.

And well, there you have it, the creepy and amazing factors that can actually make “IT”, the movie, a lot creepier than we thought it already was. Of course, go and see the movie and find the original one (don´t miss Tim Curry as “IT”, he is really amazing), but try to read the book as well to get to those parts we didn´t get the chance to see in the movie.

Stephen King’s IT Movie Review 2017

Over the last four decades, there have been so many Stephen Edwin King adaptations, most of them bad – that it’s quite easy to take them for granted. The prolific author of supernatural fiction, horror, suspense, and fantasy – is known for a solid cast and visual flair. This visual aspect is undeniably appealing and it is something that helps the director, Andy Muschietti, portray a clear world while channeling King’s boldness in showing the monstrous side of humankind.

In his adaptation of IT movie, the Argentinean director who also directed the effective 2013’s horror thriller mama brings a touch of widescreen gloss to King’s enduring horror-adventure. He makes it very much a ring-the-change update of the 1990 TV mini-series, with the state-of-the-art grisliness and ramped-up set pieces to match. Muschietti reduces the mammoth novel that clocked in a grueling 1138 pages to a few indelible quotes and images in just over two hours. Interestingly, he ensures it is very scary, and not just in a jump scare or typical gory slasher way; but generates actual tingles. This makes it one of the most memorable or simply the best film adaptations of King’s novels.


It’s in the summer of 1988 in the tiny known as Maine. A group of the less-popular, nerdier kids are hopeful of picking fights with the local bullies. In the movie’s opening scenes, most events are dramatized with chilling precision. The director does a pretty good job depicting every character as an individual; apparently, failure to know these characters means not comprehending what scares them as well as the audience. In the group, Sophia Lillis (Beverly) is the lone girl whose fear of menstruation and puberty driven by her abusive father, who behaves in a suggestively sexual way toward her, makes her live a nightmare life at home. However, she’s seemingly better developed, considerate and smart who often keep to herself. Chosen Jacobs (Mike) is the token black kid who resides on a close by farm, where most of his duties involve the most taxing jobs farmers have to put up with. Nicholas Hamilton (Henry Bowers) who is not your usual harmless ill-advised delinquent and is seemingly the boys’ chief nemesis. There’s Jaeden Lieberher (Bill Denbrough) with a stutter he can’t control, but the quieter and more thoughtful member of the group; he is still reeling from the most past family misfortune – disappearance of his younger brother George (Jackson Robert Scott). Finally, there is Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier), the wise guy comedian, and the gangly Jewish kid Stanley Uris (Wyatt Olef), whose religion puts him in the minority group in the town. Other characters include Ben.

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The Shape-Shifting Monster

The spine-tingling intensity of the movie engulf scenes as things get gory; characters are impaled, stabbed, terrorized and beaten with blunt objects and rock by a shape-shifting pennywise, leaving behind bloody remains. The pennywise (Bill Skarsgard) is a scary circus clown, a creature with blood-like teardrops or stripes running from the eyes to the lips. The insatiable, inter-dimensional predator whose arrival is at times announced by a menacing, free-floating balloon often lives in the town’s sewers. When the teenage characters learn that the predator in the title has ill intentions to the local residents, and eat the local people, mostly kids, they endeavor to stop the evil afflicting the community. Gut-grabbing scenes unfold as the pre-adolescents try to get the bottom of the nameless demon.

The Verdict

Perhaps Andy Muschietti and the screenwriters have done Stephen King’s epic ambition and thinking justice by this film. Though you can hear a fair bit of sex-related talk and with language that is relatively strong riddled with a lot of swearing coming from the teen actors such as “f**k” “s**t”, and more, the film is the perfect content for teens, but it’s not for the faint of heart or the sensitive viewers. However, the story may be considered misfit by parents of early teenagers who are still going through the awkward pre-puberty years. Despite the films other minor shortcomings as perceived by critics, it is gaining more streams daily on ShowBox for PC and most viewers are impressed. It is, therefore, no doubt that the 2017 Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Movie is exciting, creative, and dark- and well worth a few hours of your time.