The Flash Season 1 TV Show Review

The Flash’, an American action television series by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, and Geoff Johns, started on October 7, 2014, until May 19, 2015, with 23 episodes. From the creators of Arrow, based on DC Comics. With the main actor Grant Gustin – Barry Allen/Flash, a superhero, the fastest man alive. Know by the name of Flash. Barry spent his whole life looking for the impossible without imagining that he will become the impossible! A shocking explosion took place and Barry gets struck by lightning whereby many lives are also lost on the same night. Barry awakens after 9 months of coma as a totally new man with unimaginable powers. Flash goes so fast that everything else seems to be motionless. Barry also established the existence and shifting of parallel universe which makes the series even more alluring.

It all started when Barry Allen’s mum Nora Allen gets killed when the boy was only 11 years old. The murder was quite striking. Nora was hit by a ball of lightning and a man appeared to be inside the lightning. A strange and inexplicable murder where his father was the one to be condemned. With this incident, Barry Allen’s life completely changed overnight. After the tragedy, his father’s best friend Detective Joe West took the responsibility of the young boy. Barry became a determined young boy whose main aim was to uncover the truth about the murder of his mother and unveiling the truth to free the name of his father Iris. This whole investigation takes Barry on a different path which involves a scientific exploration and innovation. Another change came around for Barry when due to an explosion he gets struck by lightning, waking up 9 months later with astonishing powers. The fastest man alive. The unimaginable then followed! Barry took the name of ‘The Flash’ and started protecting the innocent. He then makes a discovery that there are more meta-humans who are using their powers for the wrong reasons.

A series full of excitement where Barry Allen/Flash keeps his audience and fans eager and enticed. The series is also superb in terms of the modern technology and science. The producers and actors made a big bang from the first season where it started with a sturdy start. Being introduced in Arrow second season, the debut of Barry Allen in ‘The Flash’ made it a smooth introduction and did not take much time to get great visibility and huge audience and fans of ‘The Flash’. Apart from Barry being a pleasant character the whole team close to his core also was a great support to create a big audience.

The final episode of Season 1 left its watchers and fans to come up with their own concepts and expectations. ‘The Flash’ Season 1 got the attention of many from comic book enthusiasts, action movie lovers, science and modern technology followers or simply general fans of ‘The Flash’ or let’s say of ‘Arrow’ with Barry Allen being already introduced in the Flash second season. A great superhero show that gained 97% by Tomatometer and an audience score of 89%. Absolutely a great score and a big applause for the producers and actors of ‘The Flash’.

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