The Flash Season 3 Finale Review: Finish Line

In this season, the leading protagonist Barry Allen sacrifices himself to protect the city and family by fighting Savitar. In the Finish line, some of the most critical gaffes and successes are explicitly captured.

Moreover, the finale reveals the ultimate fate of Iris West, and a spectacular stage is set for subsequent seasons.

The recap: Finish Line

Barry Allen is forced to go through various emotional states as he is obligated to fight Savitar one last time. Barry also discovers that Cisco’s brother is now deceased and that metahumans are starting to pop up everywhere. Barry also integrates Julian (who he freed from Savitar’s control) into the Flash Team.

Flash’s Finish Line reveals that indeed Savitar did not murder Iris West, but HR is dead. The team had embarked on knowing the exact fate of Iris leading to this discovery.

The team is also determined to know the exact identity of Savitar and to prevent related misfortunes. However, the team’s primary objective is to save Iris who is ultimately perceived to have been killed by the God of Speed.

The news of Iris survival is a bad one for Cisco because Savitar will want him to fix the Speed force bazooka. As such, Team Flash convenes a meeting strategize on how they can counter the impact of Savitar.

One of the best news from this season is that Julian Albert has developed a cure for Caitlin.

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Nevertheless, Barry’s poor judgment and increased readiness to persistently mess around is very prominent in this final season. For instance, Barry is seen to be taking a friendly approach to the Savitar’s problem giving the viewers a tinge of false hope that the problem can be solved amicably.

However, Barry’s friendly approach has a catastrophic end because Savitar returns to Killer Frost and blows up STAR Labs. Barry is then forced to seek the Team’s support during his showdown with the Savitar.

In this particular season, Barry’s actions compared to others’, are so disappointing especially with his numerous disarrays, and this puts the team and family in danger. For instance, he is seen to be sacrificing the Team and family with his decision to go into Speed Force. Barry gave a passionate and inspirational farewell, and the fans can only hope that he will come back more rejuvenated and understanding.

Final views

Undeniably, the Finish Line is bizarrely structured with so many fits and starts when compared to other seasons, and this makes the viewers have so many speculations. The viewers are forced to formulate so many different theories following the escape of the villain. An interesting question remains to be whether the team will try and bring Barry back.

The unexpected heartbreak of Iris and whether Wally is going to become the Flash are some of the pulsating questions in this episode. The Flash’s Season 3 finale had some notable flaws that included a perplexing lack of attention on Wally among other organizational eccentricities.

However, Barry’s long journey to freedom is made easy by Team Flash who is very committed to the course. Season 4 id is going to be a little bit happier although the viewers are left speculating on who will wear the Flash costume next!

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