Nintendo Switch RPG ‘Octopath Traveler’ Won’t Get DLC, But a Sequel Might Be Possible

Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler has become a big hit for Square Enix since it was released earlier in the summer. This massive JRPG harkens back to the classic Final Fantasy games of the past. However, it also does a few new things which make the experience feel unique and fresh on the handheld console. The 8 characters of the Octopath Traveler have their own full-length playable campaign, and each of the characters has distinct abilities that they can use in the field for their advantages, for example being able to flirt with them to get what you want or steal from NPC’s.

The game has continuously sold out in Japan each time it is put on sale, and it has performed remarkably well in other markets also. So, does this mean that the publishers will be expanding on this adventure?

Well, not quite. At least not in the way that you would expect. According to a report from Famitsu, the publisher will not create any downloadable content for the gamers. Considering that the game has 8 characters to choose from, adding more characters might reduce the adventure of the game. In an interview with Dengeki Online, Masashi Takahashi, a Square Enix producer, said that it should take between 80 and 100 hours for a player to play through the other elements of the game such as dungeons and sub-elements, and between 50 and 60 hours to complete the main story.

Far too often, particularly in the past decade, gamers have been presented with games which are basically the nuts and bolts to make it go. And if you want the flash and flair that comes with the game, you will have to drop some extra cash 2 or 3 months later. Therefore, to hear one of the game’s producers come forward and explain that the game that they release will be a finished game is a welcome breath of life for thousands of RPG fans.

Tomoya Asano (Square Enix) explained that as a company, they are not planning on creating any downloadable content. However, this does not mean that the adventure is over. As a matter of fact, it just sounds like the company is in talks with the developers about the possibility of a creation of a sequel. And seeing how games such as Final Fantasy and Kingdom of Hearts thrive on sequels, this makes a lot of sense.

However, Asana noted that nothing is official yet. It sounds like Square Enix is taking their time with the sequel, which a smart way to approach it. No need to rush on the sequel, particularly considering the fact that Octopath Traveler is still a sales juggernaut- and it will likely continue to be throughout the holiday season.

Sublevel Zero Redux Switch Port Will Be Coming In 2018

SIGTRAP and COATSINK have jointly announced the unleashing of the Sublevel Zero Redux Switch Port release. In the content of the announcement, it is evident that gamers should expect something before the end of the year. This amazing game remains a roguelike action and shooter that comes with 6 degrees of liberty.

Sublevel Zero Redux

In this game, players have the opportunity to move into another environment with the absence of clear reality. It is important to know that players will have access of this game on the Nintendo Switch. The game has aim-and-look structures, toggleable aim and gives you the opportunity to use gyroscopic controls. In 2015, Sublevel Zero was unleashed to the video gaming industry.

At the time, the game received both positive and negative reviews. During the first release of Sublevel Zero, gamers loved the concept of its 6 degrees of liberty. The hollow experience also made gamers to have a negative feeling about the game at the time. If you have the original game, then having access to the Redux version will not be a problem.

The Redux version can be freely upgraded and used for past gamers. One important thing to know is that the Redux version can as well be purchased separately from the main game package. The Sublevel Zero Redux version that will be coming out this year gives great features and improvements. The early announcement of SIGTRAP and COATSINK signifies the beginning of great things to occur with the publishing franchise.

Another amazing thing to know is that the game will air on Switch, making sales great. The gyroscopic controls remain the driving force that helps you play the game without any difficulties. It keeps every item in the game well-organised for players to enjoy. When moment controls are operating, the game will provide 2 toggleable options.
This can be aim-and-look, meaning the peripheral of your game’s goal will move as players will flag Switch around. The second option is the aim, which means using gyroscopic movements on the crosshair. Remember that the game may not be a three hundred dollars piece of technology. Eddie Beardsmore at COO of Coatsink mentioned that the company is pleased to work alongside with Sigtrap Games to create the new game called Sublevel Zero Redux.

This compliment came because both companies have been able to figure out the best way to release the new game. Luke Thompson, the found of Sigtrap also mentioned that the concept of the new game emanated from gaming classics. The Forsaken of Nintendo and Descent on PC helped to bring this new game into reality.

At the moment, gamers should not expect any release date for the game. One is sure, the game may be unleashed prior to the closing of this year. In the VR structure, you can play the game but may not get the actual feel. For this reason, it is better to wait until the game comes out officially. This will help you enjoy it and have the real feel.